Thursday, 19 April 2012

Perfume Essential

I love perfume. If I had the funds available, I'd probably buy a new fragrance every month (as it is, I usually end up wandering past Boots's perfume department, mostly around payday, whimpering pathetically at Coco Mademoiselle). I just don't feel fully dressed without a spray of whatever scent I'm in the mood for that day.

Of course, marketing needs have pushed for the aesthetics of perfumes to be increasingly out there: bigger bottles, bolder designs, stand-out shapes. It's all about branding and trying to catch the eye of your consumer. But therein lies one problem: who wants to lug around a heavy glass bottle of perfume shaped like, I don't know, a giraffe? Perhaps it's just me, but I like taking perfume out with me for a quick touch-up, and I can't always do that.

That's where atomisers come in. They fit in the palm of your hand and are so lightweight - perfect for travelling. They're not particularly a new concept, but they were retailing for £9.99 in Boots and I just couldn't justify spending that much after I'd spent £50+ on a fragrance.

And then I happened across these in Home Bargains for 69p. I will admit the manufacturing isn't as good as the ones in Boots probably were - there's some leftover glue in one of the apertures, for example. But they work just as well and it means that I no longer have to worry about getting caught short without my perfume on!

Do you use atomisers? Is £9.99 worth it to you, or will you try to run across a bargain first?


  1. wow, such a bargain. i love those atomisers. I think they're so practical and handy. And sometimes useful when you're at a friends house and want some of here perfume :D
    10 pound is much money I think. It's so small... :'D
    in btw your blog is great :) followed you, dear!


    1. I hadn't thought of that! I'll make sure to carry an empty around with me now for when I just so happen to stop by a friend's house. ;) Thank you! xoxo


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